Charlie’s Bar – Siem Reap – Cambodia

    Siem Reap celebrated Australia Day 2016 in great style - if you went to Charlie's Bar! Just a couple of minutes (probably just one) walk from the famous Pub St. in Siem Reap and right opposite the main entry to Siem Reap Provincial Hospital is one of the best places to have a … Continue reading Charlie’s Bar – Siem Reap – Cambodia


Bale Udang, Prawny Delights Over Water

Bale Udang turns magical as the sun sets; the artistic and cleverly-designed lighting from the numerous hanging lanterns and the mesmerising reflections on the water create a surreal Disneyland-like ambience. A must-eat if you are in Bali – Bale Udang outlet in Kuta too. Source: Bale Udang, Prawny Delights Over Water