Kurdish Federalization: Trojan Horse or Golden Opportunity for Syria?

Does the idea of Syria’s federalization championed by the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) party pose a threat to the country’s unity? Autonomy within a state may lead to partition and strife, Syrian expert Ghassan Kadi told Sputnik, stressing there still remains a “possible silver lining here.”

With or without a proposed Syrian federalization, the Kurdish question is not going to go away, Ghassan Kadi, a Syrian political analyst and expert in Middle Eastern affairs, told Sputnik, adding that when Syria rises victorious, it will sooner or later have to resolve it.

“Tragic as they may be, wars offer ‘opportunities’ for mopping up problems because they put nations in situations where Pandora’s box is already open. Syria now has this ‘opportunity’ to resolve the Kurdish question by offering the Kurds the security they seek. People gravitate towards situations that offer good quality of life, and if the Kurdish Syrians are afforded those opportunities, then the Erdogan brutality will incite their cousins in Turkey to rebel and want to join them. This is human nature,” Ghassan Kadi emphasized in an interview with Sputnik.

In mid-March 2016 the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) came up with a plan of federalization of northern Syria. The announcement was made at the meeting of the representatives from Afrin, Kobani and Jazira-Hasaka in the Syrian northeastern city of Rmeilan.The PYD’s “Federation of Northern Syria” project has caught many observers by surprise, sparking a fierce debate over what the move really means.

While former CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden believes that the creation of an autonomous Kurdish region “could help establish a new political framework within the Middle East,” Syrian writer Zeinab Saleh suggests that the PYD’s project is in fact a US-backed Trojan horse aimed at undermining Syria’s integrity.

Commenting on the issue, American political analyst and Ron Paul Liberty Report host Daniel McAdams even asked whether the Kurdish announcement is part of the Plan B for Syria, propelled by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

In his article for Andrew Korybko, a political analyst, journalist and a regular contributor to Sputnik, presents a detailed analysis of the PYD’s “Project of a Democratic Syria.” Korybko points out that the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party’s manifesto leaves more questions than answers. And the most disturbing question is whether the PYD really wants the northern Syrian Kurdish “autonomy” to remain an integral part of Syria in the future.

Sputnik News

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