Why the Washington Power Elite Fears Trump


by Brad Benson


The recent “Open Letter”, signed by a host of self-proclaimed US “Foreign Policy Experts”, demonstrates the real reason why the Washington Power Elite is virtually apoplectic over fear of a Trump Presidency. Trump threatens to reverse many of the aggressive policies, which have been a source of fun and profit for the Beltway Establishment almost since 9/11!

Just last year, these “experts” and their media mouthpieces were anticipating an election matchup between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. This would have ensured a continuation of the murderous status quo across the Middle East and around the Globe, regardless of election’s outcome. Instead, a “wildcard” named Trump has bucked the Republican Party, thumped his competition and now threatens to throw a wrench into the entire war machine.

Trump speaks of working with Vladimir Putin; pledges “neutrality” in regard to Israel; and promises to bring an end to our…

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