Gloria in excelsis Deo: A Russian Soldier’s Heroic Sacrifice

[ Editor’s note: Of all the horrendous deaths that have taken place in Syria since 2012 why has this one touched everyone worldwide more than any of the others?

Because for the first time in a long time this young man died with honour. He was not corrupt and he was not fighting under false pretenses. He was not pretending to be Jihad John in a studio with blue screen. His brief was clear, straightforward and honest.

He was not dealing heroin on the side as the US does in Afghanistan and making billions a year off other people’s misery. He was not guarding poppy fields. 

He was not there to make defense contractors rich with billions of tax payers money paying for bombs that would be senselessly dropped in the middle of nowhere achieving nothing except to line the pockets of fat cats sitting across an ocean.

He was…

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