Iran Medley: The Country that Hillary Clinton Will Totally Obliterate

[Editor’s Note: After the op-ed by Stephen Lendeman “Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.” I thought I would do a medley on Iran so that our readers can get a better idea of exactly what Hillary Clinton wants to bomb and who.

Syria_Wx9Zt7M Damascus Before and After

If Syria and Libya are anything to go by, at least we will have a record of what Iran once looked like, but we certainly hope that the whole world will come out in protest against such a possibility. It is an evil prospect and totally unacceptable in a civilized society, or so we believe ourselves to be. 

Iran is certainly not how most Westerners imagine it and it is a far cry from that block buster  “Not Without My Daughter,” that captured the movie going publics attention in 1991…

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