‘Isolated’ Russia Busy Doing Smart Stuff

The world is used to seeing American prowess, but it is mostly unaware that Russia is fast becoming ‘the indispensable nation’. This is partly due to the fact that the US mostly makes headlines by killing people, and in journalism, there is rule known as the ‘death/miles’ ratio: if they’re far enough away, dead people, even in the thousands, don’t make the headlines.

by Deena Stryker, NEO: 

782280704American foreign policy pundits and their echo chamber in the press scoffed at Russia’s intervention in Syria: it would be a quagmire. When Russia brought home most of its planes after a successful campaign against ISIS, Americans pretended to be ‘surprised’. ‘Putin is bad’ was replaced by ‘You never know what this guy is going to do next’.

These comments follow logically from the virtual news blackout on the uninterrupted flow of academics, businessmen and politicians to Russia during the last few years…

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