NSA/CIA – Hitting unintended targets


Now already famous “Panama Papers” obviously orchestrated by those deeply involved in a hybrid wars against BRICS (particularly Brazil and Russia at the moment) is starting to cause some serious problems for many governments and their leaders. There is one little problem however, so far it seems that only unintended targets were hit.

I would love to know are NSA/CIA going to classify them as a “friendly fire” victims or “collateral damage”. It remains to be seen. 


MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – Argentina President Mauricio Macri will address a civil court on Friday over Panama Papers allegations claiming that he was the director of an offshore company in the Bahamas.

Macri said as quoted by Buenos Aires Herald on Thursday that he will present “a statement of assurance” on Friday declaring his assets to demonstrate that he acted in accordance with the law. “I have nothing to hide,” the Argentina president said speaking at the presidential palace.

On Sunday, the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung exposed the alleged involvement of a number of former and current world leaders in offshore schemes by publishing materials it claimed came from Mossack Fonseca, a Panama firm selling offshore companies.A federal prosecutor requested an investigation into Macri’s activities in connection with the allegations on Thursday. The Argentina leader has denied any wrongdoing.

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