Russian “Pivot to Asia” – Developing Russian Far East


President Barack Obama has announced quite some time ago American “Asian Pivot” and so far we have seen only military build-up in the Asia-Pacific region by USA as well as very controversial TPP (Trans-Pacific-Protocol) that somehow excluded two biggest countries in that region – China and Russia.

President Vladimir Putin has not announced his own “Asian Pivot” – at least not in so colorful way as his counterpart from Washington. However, from start of 2016 there is Free Port Vladivostok formed in Russian Far East followed by number of business initiatives coming from Russia and aiming at their Pacific neighbors and particularly China. So far it was not followed by any military build-up whatsoever.

Free Port Vladivostok_01


Russian Business Has 100 Projects to Offer Chinese Investors in Far East


Businessmen in Russia’s Far Eastern Primorye region have invited their Chinese colleagues to invest in more than a hundred local infrastructure development projects worth over 5 trillion rubles, RIA Novosti reported with reference to sources in the regional government.


“China accounts for over half of Primorye region’s foreign trade turnover. There are over 200 Chinese-financed organizations and enterprises now working in our mining, transport, construction and tourism sectors,” Deputy Governor Sergei Nekhaev said after meeting with a group of potential investors from China’s Jiling province.

According to local administration officials, there are 171 investment and 252 infrastructure projects currently being managed by the Investment Agency of Primorye Region.

“Their total worth is in the ballpark of five trillion rubles and we invite our colleagues and partners from China to take part in the implementation of these projects,” Sergei Nekhaev added.

During the meeting the local officials briefed their Chinese guests on their plans to establish an Advanced Development Territory on Russky Island to include a Global techno-park and industrial laser technology and engineering centers.

Other plans include a marine biotechnology park, an ethnographic amusement park, a military museum, recreation centers, an aqua park, a diving center, a yacht club and other projects.


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