Putin Leaked ‘Panama Papers’ as Part of Plan to Smear Himself, Blackmail Western Leaders, Says US Think Tank


by Rudy Panko, from Russia Insider


The Brookings Institution says that Putin is behind ‘Panama Papers’ leak. Sure, why not?

We have to tip our proverbial shapka-ushanka to the Brookings Institution, the only American think tank brave enough to admit that Vladimir Putin is not connected in any way to the financial shenanigans documented in the “Panama Papers”:

Despite the headlines, there is no evidence of Putin’s direct involvement — not in any company involved in the leak, much less in criminal activity, theft, tax evasion, or money laundering. There are documents showing that some of his “friends” have moved “up to two billion dollars” through these Panama-based shell companies.

Of course, since it’s the Brookings Institution, the fact that there is no evidence of Putin’s direct involvement in this scandal likely shows that Putin is directly involved in this scandal:

[M]y thinking is that [the Panama Papers…

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