Are the CIA and Pentagon fighting a proxy civil war in Syria?

[ Editor’s note: This is nothing new in history. During the Middle Ages the Vatican had a problem. In order to be autonomous, they had to conquer people in both the east and the west in order to bring them under the control of Rome.

To the east was the Byzantine Orthodox Christian Empire, incorporating what was Greece and is now Turkey, Syria and Armenia with the capital at Constantinople. To the west were the Cathars in the Languedoc in what is now the south of France. Neither of whom owed allegiance to Pope as Christ on earth, the Vatican as the sole Christian authority or the hegemonic ambitions of Rome.

In both instances the Vatican distanced itself as a third party by using proxy mercenary armies funded by Jewish bankers in Venice. These mercenaries,( the equivalent of the CIA and private contractors like Blackwater, Knights of Malta with allegiance…

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