Soros’ Open Society: New World Lebensraum Idealism Underway

WikiLeaks told you the Panama Papers were provided by the United States government, George Soros’ various NGOs, and a host of western journalists. Today the proof is irrefutable. A vast network has been established in the last few decades to not only control news, but to influence even the laws under which society operates. Here is the first document in a case against a new world order of things. Here is a revealing look at the new Baltics, and at the true nature of the igneous new world of things.

by Phil Butler, NEO: 

546465555The Panama Papers revelations are just the latest phase of a misinformation campaign that’s been going on for decades. Today the world is turned upside down by a huge group of journalists and corporate lackeys who have set truth on its end. But my story today is about one tentacle of a beast, one facet of…

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