Lebanon Being Forced to Collapse


by Andre Vltchek

Lebanon cannot stand on its feet anymore.  It is overwhelmed, frightened and broke.

It stands on the frontline, facing ISIS in the east and north, a hostile Israel in the south and the deep blue sea to the west.  One and a half (1.5) million (mostly Syrian) refugees are dispersed all over its tiny territory.  Its economy is collapsing and infrastructure crumbling.   ISIS is right at the border with Syria, literally next door, or even with one foot inside Lebanon, periodically invading, and setting up countless “dormant cells” in all Lebanese cities and all over its countryside.  Hezbollah is fighting ISIS, but the West and Saudi Arabia apparently consider Hezbollah, not  ISIS, to be the major menace to their geopolitical interests.  The Lebanese army is relatively well-trained but badly armed, and like the entire country, it is notoriously cash-strapped.

These days, on the streets of Beirut, one…

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