Soros & the NGOs: Tearing Real Georgian Freedom Asunder

What Soros’ people accomplish is essentially a deep brainwashing, a dynamic conversion of key individuals, using the same strategies that make hedge funds profitable. In short, Open Society Foundations “invests” money and other resources, in order to achieve a desired gain. This gain is often seen in mid to short term revenues, but it is also visible in broad strokes, where NATO, CIA, US State Department and White House interests coincide.
by Phil Butler, NEO: 

6756444George Soros is a very successful man, at least where money and power are concerned. The reach of the hedge fund legend through his Open Society Foundations leverages governments and ideas across the breadth of 40 nations now. Here is a look at how Soros’ “New World Lebensraum Idealism” is reshaping reality in the Republic of Georgia.

In my last report on Soros’ machinations on behalf of the greater elite cabal, I focused on…

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