China starts 45 new railway projects in 2016


According to Economic Information Daily, China Railway Corporation plans to starts 45new railway projects in 2016, including passenger lines from Guiyang to Nanning, fromZhongwei to Lanzhou and from Xuzhou to Lianyungang. The total length of the new linesis over 3,200 kilometers, of which over 1,300 kilometers are high-speed rail. China’sinvestment in railway will likely hit a new high.

In 2015, China invested 823.8 billion yuan on railways. Investment was made in 9,531kilometers of new lines, of which 3,306 kilometers were high-speed rail. By the end of2015, the network length in China reached 121,000 kilometers and the length of high-speed rail in operation was over 19,000 kilometers, accounting for 60 percent of theworld’s total.

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai recently emphasized that as this year is the first year of the13th Five-Years Plan period, related departments must work hard to guarantee thecompletion of 800 billion yuan of investment in railway.

Wang Mengshu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that realizinginvestment of 800 billion yuan will not be a problem and we may even beat the goal.


Some countries spend more on their “defense” more than the rest of the world in spite of the fact that nobody has ever attacked them on their territory and while over 40 million of their people live on food stamps (meaning below poverty line). Some countries like China spend money on improving lives of their citizens.

Every government – be it “democratic” or not has an obligation to protect rights of their people and to improve their lives. Governments that fail to do that should not really call themselves “democratic” and particularly not “free” or “just”

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