The meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, India and China in Moscow suggests continuing rapprochement between the three countries. However this union seems to agitate American and Japanese neo-conservatives, according to the former Chinese diplomat Wang Yusheng.


However, according to the diplomat these fears are abnormal and baseless because in reality the strategic partnership of Moscow, Delhi and Beijing will only benefit the multipolar world; online publication Global Times reported the diplomat as saying.

The strategic partnership between these three countries was first brought to light back in 1998 by then Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. However, many did not share his point of view, considered it impossible and did not give it much importance.

However, his idea played quite an important role and gradually, meeting by meeting, these ties have evolved and expanded.

For many years now, the whole world is looking favorably on the partnership between Russia, India and China, which reinforces a multipolar system and contributes to stability in the region and around the world, the Global Times reported.

China, can resist the “Americanization;” Russia, whose president did not follow in the steps of his predecessors and did not go towards West and even India, which, for the US and Japan would be an ideal participant for “Asian NATO,” did not want to become part of the block.

“If the US threw aside its Cold War views, it would realize that Moscow, New Delhi and China are pursuing their cooperation in accordance to the call of the new epoch. This is quite a positive and healthy relationship that is beneficial for the development of the whole world,” Yusheng said.

“If all these neo-cons are so concerned about the happiness of mankind, why don’t they try and join the ranks themselves,” the diplomat concluded.

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