U.S. Responds to Netanyahu: Golan Heights Are Not Part of Israel

Israel annexed the Golan in 198, in a move unanimously rejected the same year by the United Nations Security Council.

Netanyahu’s declaration came as UN-sponsored international efforts are being made to obtain a political accord to end the civil war in Syria.

Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office say that Syrian President Assad demanded that one principle upon which the international talks will be based is that the Golan Heights be considered occupied territory that must be returned to Syria.

On Thursday, Netanyahu will fly to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Netanyahu’s senior aides say the prime minister plans to bring up this issue at their meeting and to stress the same message to Putin.

The Council of the Arab League will hold on Thursday an extraordinary meeting to discuss Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks about the Golan Heights, local media reported.

The Council of the Arab League will hold on Thursday an extraordinary meeting at the level of permanent envoys to discuss Israeli Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu remarks about the Golan Heights, local media reported Tuesday, citing Kuwait’s permanent representative at the organization.

On Sunday, Netanyahu held Israel’s first Cabinet meeting on the Golan Heights, declaring the territory would remain permanently under the country’s control.

“Kuwait has demanded to hold this meeting to discuss the challenges due to the dangerous statements regarding the occupied Arab-Syrian Golans. These statements are steps toward escalation and constitute a blatant violation of the principles of international law and international decisions,” the Kuwaiti diplomat was quoted as saying by Egypt’s al-Ahram newspaper.

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