US Coalition Fails to Strangle Syrian Elections

Al Nusra not only continues fighting in the Aleppo area, but has even launched major attacks after having been resupplied by Turkey. So now that the Syrian Army is proceeding to liberate Aleppo after Kurdish neighborhoods there have been hit with chemical weapons, the opposition tries to spin that as Damascus “undermining” the political talks.

These hard core opposition people are at the stage of a rabid dog that needs to be put down for public health reasons. We have listened to their nonsense long enough. The Syrian people want their homes back and the terrorists dead… so let’s get on with what needs to be done, or more will die who did not need to.

We have heard almost nothing about the Syrian Parliamentary elections last week. It was not just the usual corporate media blackout, but an orgy of hate toward the undefeated Syrian people by the US coalition and an international news service that acts like an extension of Western Intelligence. But that came as no surprise, as this is the same media that has lied to us about the Syrian war from day one, so why would they stop lying at election time.

by Jim Dean, NEO:

543453444I got a good dose of this back in June of 2014 at the presidential election, along with nine other American observers and three Canadians among the 35 total brought in as monitors to see what was happening on the ground. I was assigned to the group going up to Homs on election day where the jihadis had only recently been pushed out of the…

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