Obama Writes Op-Ed To “Blood Brother” Britain: Don’t Leave EU (Or Else)

[ Editor’s note:

Bill Clinton warned that if the UK leaves the EU, there will be trouble in Northern Ireland. What kind of trouble? A covert proxy civil war using Roman Catholics against Protestants and funded by the CIA as they have done in Syria with ISIS? 

Goldman Sach’s covert operative, now head of the bank of England threatened a devaluation of the pound if the UK leaves the EU.

The same Goldman Sachs who “rules the world,“who tells the Federal Reserve Bank what to do, controls Mario Draghi and the EU, is now the covert leader of Australia and is advisor to the Vatican Bank.

Again I ask the question: Does Rome tell Goldman what to do or does Goldman tell  Rome what to do?

And is the EU a ploy to bring the UK under the control of Rome ever since Henry VIII told them…

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