The British Response To Obama “Why Should We Take Advice From A President Who Has Surrendered The World To Chaos?”

Editor’s Note: I do not think the UK cares if they become “low”on the US trade agreements because they vote for Brexit. The UK has over a 2,000 year history of trading with India and China, and although rocky during certain periods in history, they have had over 1,000 years of relationship with Russia. What is more they have joined the AIIB which the US has not, and intend investing in the Silk Road project which the US so far has shown no interest in.

The USA and their Corporate Fascist TTIP and TPP agreements are the new kids on the block, realistically speaking, a warmongering, economically and politically corrupt nation that has funded both sides of every war over the last 100 years.

The Federal Reserve Bank’s Jacob Shiff funded Japan in their wars against China and Russia; other Federal Reserve interested parties Rockefeller and Morgan funded Lenin and…

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