Top CIA Objective: Fracture The Eurasian Bloc

History rarely unfolds like a fairy tale. The march of social progress can sometimes be slow and dull, while at other times dramatic and terrifying, but it never stops. Human civilization is now enduring a harsh period of radical adjustment, and everyone should be bracing for the ground to shake.

[Editor’s note: As we keep saying, the West is NOT Capitalist, they have killed the West with their own feudal greed; it IS a monopolist Corporate Fascist Conglomerate as the TPP and the TTIP are proving it to be. Bring back real Capitalism, with checks and balances against monopolies, invest in small and medium private businesses once again, and the West will thrive!  They will become job creators instead of job seekers or social welfare dependents.

Please note that we would replace the word ” capitalist” in this article ” with corporate fascist” and we promote the Russian  model more than the Chinese, who please note: has had the benefit of US industries moving into the country lock stock and barrel bringing their economy into the 21st century, which accounts for the growing number of Chinese ” billionaires,”  while Americans have been losing their jobs at an alarming rate as…

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