EURASIA – Anglo-American grip on EU will not stop it!


Sanctions is a wooden weapon. We know from history since before Napoleon that they never work, Jean-Pierre Thomas, former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy told RT. The European community now has a good opportunity to end the sanctions against Russia in June


What happened in the National Assembly is very important because it is the first time when politically the National French assembly voted on this subject. It is a big indication about the new debate in France, not only for the business community, but the majority of French people who against sanctions. The majority was obtained in favor of cancelling the sanctions against Russia with Republican and lot of socialists didn’t take part in the vote because they didn’t want to be involved, but in fact a lot of them were in favor of the end of these sanctions, too. So, it is a good sign and I hope it will push to the suspension or the end of the sanctions in this window of June. The European community has an opportunity to go out of these sanctions in June.

 “Even if it is not compulsory, this is the atmosphere in the French parliament saying that the French people do not support any more sanctions against Russia. That is why it is an important move. I am sure this will influence the EU parliament and the leaders of the European Union.”

– Former adviser for French Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior Alain Corvez


It is very obvious that the only way to save what is left of EU is not to wait for “Brexit” but to tell UK to get out of EU completely. France and Germany can only save EU by joining Russia, Iran and China in their drive to turn Eurasia into a single business and political entity based on mutual respect, cooperation and free from Anglo-American financial, economical and military pressure.


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