The Flashpoint Continues to Build: Intelligence Sources Indicate Russia May Be Planning A Spring Offensive

Editor’s Note: What remains to be seen is IF Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son will retain the rights for Fracking in Ukraine; IF Monsanto will still hold the title deeds to vast farm land in order to implement Corporate Farming and GMO with patented food sources; and if Ukraine’s gold reserveswill still remain in foreign hands; all three areas basically stolen  from the Ukrainian people, both Russian speaking and Ukrainian as the spoils of another “color revolution” and the spoils of war. A lot of people have died, the infrastructure of the country has been destroyed especially in Eastern Ukraine and the country’ s economy is in free fall.

from Silver Doctors: 

Submitted by Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFPlan:

In Eastern Ukraine, the fighting against the Ukrainian military is always reported by the mainstream media as being “initiated by pro-Russian separatist rebels.”  In all actuality, the fighting was…

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