“As for me, I remain a curmudgeon: personalized learning sounds fine in theory, but all too often degenerates into personalized truth, and with it, a complete collapse in academic standards and content. The result is a dumbed down population, and even a dumbed down “elite,” and this too, I suspect, has been the goal all along.”

All Mr. Gates and the Common Core advocates can offer us is more of the same ersatz edubabble that we’ve been feeding off of for decades. More time, more money, more technology, more classroom hours, more homework… more more more. And the results will be the same: declining standards, fewer competent teachers in their disciplines (but they will be tremendously competent in the latest educational methodological fad).

from Joseph P Farrell:

It’s been a while since my last rant on Amairikuhn edgykayshun, and when Mr. S.D.H. shared this, I knew I had to rant some more, especially since my co-author’s and my new book on Common Core, Rotten to the (Common) CoreI, is now being shipped. It seems Mr. Bill Gates is at it again, touting the wonders of technology in the classroom:

Bill Gates: Ed Tech Has Underachieved, But Better Days Are Ahead

Beyond the usual innate American rebellion…

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