Another Failure?


British public support for EU membership falters after President Obama threatens that the country would be placed in the back of the line for trade agreements if they exit Europe


The audacity of American interventionism is not lost on the British electorate, as public opinion has turned sharply in favor of the “Leave” campaign, a demographic composed of the conservative Brexit faction concerned with national sovereignty and the left-wing Lexit coalition that demands the end of corporate-led austerity policy.

Public opinion polls released by ICM and YouGov show an expansion and consolidation of support for British exit from the EU. The Leave campaign now outpaces the “Remain” campaign by an average of two percentage points, a significant turnaround from last week when the Remain campaign held a one-point lead.

Current opinion polls coming out today are indicating that there has been a hardening of support for the leave campaign — the ICM opinion poll reported a 46% Leave support versus 44% for remaining in the EU, but they also discovered among their respondents a hardening of resolve of the leave supporters with 80% saying that they are absolutely certain to vote against remaining in the EU versus 75% prior to Obama’s visit.

Obama is clearly the messenger boy of the American banks doing business in London. Goldman Sachs is bankrolling the Remain campaign, the campaign to persuade British voters to remain in the European Union. They have given a £1 million ($1.45 million) to support this campaign over the next eight weeks.

What we had been saying all week and which a lot of people have been responding to is that if you are against TTIP and you are against Britain being part of a global free trade agreement that is going to tie our public services to the interests of global corporations then you should vote to get out of the European Union on the 23rd of June.

If you are against TTIP, if you are in favor of public services and in favor of popular democracy then you should vote to get out of the EU because Obama just told you that you won’t get TTIP if you leave the EU.

The Lexit campaigner raised concerns that the TTIP may result in the end of the country’s popular single-payer health system. “The National Health Service in Britain would be imperiled by the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership because one of the protocols within TTIP allows health sector corporations to sue governments that prevent them from getting into a market – there are already very large US health businesses eager to invade and get their hands on contracts in Britain.”

Ultimately, the US President may have inadvertently hammered the final nail into the coffin of Europe’s failed cooperative economic experiment by linking Britain’s EU membership to another corporate-led, job destroying trade pact.

Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate might get another nick-name – Mr. Failure

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