Russian government to grant free port status to key ports in Far East


MOSCOW, May 4 /TASS/. The Russian government is finalizing a draft law on granting a free port status to all key harbors of the country’s Far East, Minister of Development of the Far East Alexander Galushka reported to President Vladimir Putin.

According to him, a free port status will be granted to the following ports: Vanino, Sovgavan, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Korsakov, Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, Pevek Anadyr.

The Minister said that the Cabinet is also preparing a bill on lowering electricity tariffs in the Far East to the average value in Russia. The document will soon be submitted to the State Duma, lower house of parliament.

“In the regions where they (tariffs) are higher,” Putin said.

In response the Minister added that in all regions of the Far East electricity tariffs are higher than average tariffs in the rest of the country but they vary per region.

“In some regions they are just 5-10% higher, somewhere they are higher by 65% and in Chukotka they are more than twice as high,” the Minister told the President.

He said that the government approved a list of 27 state programs, which should have their own Far East subprograms.

“In the first five projects of state programs such subprograms have already been formed. They deal with transport, culture, health, shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing. Under these five Far East subprograms budgetary funds worth more than 700 billion rubles ($10 bln) will be allocated in in the next 10 years,” he said.


Vladivostok - Russia_01

Advanced development territories bring over $2.73 billion of investments to Russia’s Far East

VLADIVOSTOK, /TAS /. More than 192 bln rubles ($2.73 bln) of investment was attracted to the Far Eastern Federal District through the establishment of territories of advanced development and the Free Port of Vladivostok.
According to the statement, the Far East Development Corporation signed 16 agreements in the amount of 164.4 bln rubles ($2.34 bln) on the implementation of activities in the territories of advanced social and economic development. 86 applications were received in total amounting to 282.7 bln rubles ($4.02 bln)

The largest number of residents was registered in the territory of advanced development Khabarovsk. Five companies plan to build a production line of heat and sound insulation materials, metallurgical plant, the greenhouse complex of year-round production of vegetables, industrial park Avangard and a logistics center.

According to the statement, two months after the law on the Free Port of Vladivostok entered into force, the official website of the Corporation received applications from 169 interested in acquisition of the resident status. Two meetings of the Supervisory Board were held, where 9 companies received the resident status of the Free Port with a total investment 33.4 bln rubles ($475.13 mln).

A modern agricultural production will be organized within the Free Port, as well as tourism and recreation cluster, production of energy efficient equipment, LED-lighting, innovative processing plant / used tires, logistics centers, as well as a hotel and residential complex in the village of Slavyanka. More than 14,300 people will be employed in the projects.


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