The TTIP Leaks. The 248 Pages Reveal a Hidden Economic, Social and Environmental Agenda

“France’s François Hollande decided on Tuesday to make his opposition clear.  “We will never accept questioning essential principles for our agriculture, our culture and for the reciprocity of access to public [procurement] markets.”  France’s trade secretary, Matthias Fekl, even went so far as to suggest that the agreement, in its current form “would be a bad deal,” one which needed to be suspended. Even prior to the release by Greenpeace, German Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel had suggested that negotiations had moved into a glacial state.- … the document continues to flicker, and it will take more than Gallic opposition, Germanic scepticism, and general European stubbornness, to sink it.”

by Dr. Binoy Kampmark, Global Research: 


The monstrous Siamese twin of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), has been in a growing puddle of dispute after 248 pages of its content were leaked.[1]

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