The war in Ukraine is far from over- Both sides are preparing for a resumption of hostilities

The best way to find out about the truth of a war is by Primary, non Journalist, non Media Sources, by what people from the affected region say and write.

[Editor’s Note: I first started following what was to become the war in Ukraine when I listened to an interview with Graham Phillips on the referendum in Crimea. After following numerous on the ground sources and reading about both sides, as well as finding out that Maiden was a Soros funded “color revolution” with snipers doing the job of shooting at both sides (the protesters and the police) to get the violence rolling and engineer a coup, I soon gave western news reports a miss altogether.

Part of the Ukraine debacle was engineered in order to hand over the rich black soil to Monsanto GMO corporate farming and get the peasant farmers who have been farming there for some 400…

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