Arianna Huffington as Agent for the Democratic Party


by Eric Zuesse

At Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington is the top person, and her site is so blatantly hostile to the Republican Party as to have placed Donald Trump — that Party’s only skilled Presidential candidate in a field of over a dozen Republican Presidential candidates — into its Entertainment Section, rather than its Politics Section, when he announced for the U.S. Presidency. However, after the absurdity of that decision on her part became apparent from the political polling, Trump was quietly transferred to “Politics.”

After Trump won the nomination, HuffPo’s news-reporting — which had previously been honest about Hillary Clinton and exposed her in its news-reports as being anything but a progressive — suddenly committed itself to making her President; and, so, on Sunday 8 May 2016, HuffPo placed atop their home page a huge banner headline, “THE CLOSET PROGRESSIVE”, with a photo of Hillary Clinton immediately…

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