South China Sea: China’s Ambassador To The UK Responds To John McCain

Peace and Freedom

Who is really behind the tensions in the South China Sea?

Sir, Senator John McCain made ungrounded accusations about China’s policies and actions with regard to the South China Sea in his op-ed “America needs more than symbolism in the South China Sea” (April 13). His comment pays no regard to facts and reflects prejudice and hostility against China.

Who is “militarising” the South China Sea? Senator McCain points at China, but the US has been intentionally flexing its muscles in the region with its forward-deployed military forces.

In recent years, US military jets and warships in the South China Sea have conducted frequent close-in reconnaissance in the adjacent waters and air space of China’s islands and reefs. This has been accompanied by targeted joint military drills which have significantly raised tension in the South China Sea.

Senator McCain urges the US to launch a robust “freedom of…

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