US – Al Qaeda AXIS – threatening Assad


US Secretary of State John Kerry has given Syrian President Bashar al-Assad an ultimatum: either to begin “political transition” or risk the consequences of a new US approach toward ending the Syrian civil war, Tony Cartalucci notes.

“Why does Washington believe that it has the right to impose its will on a sovereign nation thousands of miles from its own shores?” Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer Tony Cartalucci asks in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook, warning that Syria is currently being overrun by heavily armed and extremely dangerous terrorists backed by foreign powers.Citing Bradley Klapper of the Associated Press (AP) the geopolitical researcher stresses that the US Secretary of State has even gone so far as to give an ultimatum to the legitimate, democratically elected Syrian government.

“How the United States presumes to possess the authority to determine the fate of a sovereign nation thousands of miles from its own shores in the Middle East is never explained by US Secretary of State John Kerry when he recently announced a new ultimatum leveled at Damascus,” Cartalucci writes.

Cartaculli quotes the Independent report that says the two countries [Saudi Arabia and Turkey] are backing the Jaish al-Fatah group (the Army of Conquest) a joint command structure for Syrian jihadists that includes al-Nusra Front.

Washington is well aware of “co-mingling” between the US-backed “moderate” rebels and powerful al-Nusra Front terrorists. However, the Pentagon and the CIA have so far failed to “separate” the Syrian moderate opposition from Islamists.

The geopolitical analyst points out that although the White House possesses all political and military tools to eradicate the “roots” of the Middle Eastern terrorism it hesitates to do it.

Washington policymakers regard al-Qaeda’s affiliate al-Nusra Front as a convenient tool to pressure the Syrian government into making political concessions.

Remarkably, Cartalucci stresses the US senior officials had no scruples about collaborating with Islamists in Libya, referring to the fact that back in 2011 US Senator John McCain found himself shaking hands with the commander of US State Department-listed foreign terrorist organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) — de facto al-Qaeda in Libya.

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