Will the Transatlantic Trade Agreement (TTIP) Harm Your Health?

Will Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, Pesticides Escape Regulation?

by Celia Wexler, Global Research: 


Image: FDA microbiologist working in a biosafety laboratory Photo credit: US Food and Drug Administration / Wikimedia

This article was first published by Who What Why

In 1960, one courageous Food and Drug Administration official refused to approve a drug that had already been used widely abroad. Frances Kelsey insisted she needed more information before she could be satisfied it was safe. The drug maker accused her of being a petty bureaucrat. But Kelsey was right to be cautious. That drug was thalidomide and pregnant women who took the sedative gave birth to thousands of children with terrible birth defects in Europe, the UK, Canada, and the Middle East. Because of Kelsey’s vigilance, however, America was spared that tragedy.

If the US and EU agree on a new trade deal in the works — the Transatlantic Trade…

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