Tim Price: Why I’m Voting To Leave The European Union

He wrote that instead of expanding, Europe should be shrinking back into small political regions (like Switzerland) with a commitment to private property rights and local democracy.

from Zero Hedge:

Submitted by Tim Price via SovereignMan.com,

On 23 June 2016, this British citizen will be voting to leave the European Union.

To me it’s clear: the EU has not only become too big for its own good, it’s too big to do hardly anything good.

Back in 1975 when the UK first confirmed membership in the EU (when it was called the European Economic Community), it made sense.

Britain has always thrived on international trade, and the EU promised more trade.

But that’s not what happened. The EU didn’t turn into a peaceful, efficient, multi-national trading bloc that enables commerce and prosperity.

Rather it has become an ever-expanding, unaccountable bureaucracy ruling over vastly disparate nations who are increasingly at odds…

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