Veneto Calls on Italy to Recognize Crimea


by Sergio Rame (Il Giornale), translated by Tom Winter; via Fort Russ


  1. Historic resolution of the majority headed by [Luca] Zaia.
  2. The accession of the Crimea to Russia is recognized.
  3. A move that breaks the European sanctions

The counselors of the majority of the Veneto Region have signed a resolution asking the Italian government for a commitment to recognize Crimea as part of the Russian Federation, and for the end of sanctions.

Lucca Zaia Luca Zaia

On the formal level, (first signatory: Stefano  Valdegamberi, counselor of the Zaia List and fresh from a forum in Yalta) the resolution has in fact the character of a request. But it is important politically. Why? Because, in this way, the Veneto Region is leading the way in Europe for recognition of the Crimea’s accession to Russia.

Stefano ValdegamberiStefano Valdegamberi

In 2014, following the Ukrainian crisis and more or less explicit intervention of Russia, which has…

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