Thousands march against GMO giant Monsanto as Bayer takeover looms (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

More than 400 simultaneous demonstrations around the world are voicing fury at US biotech leviathan Monsanto, which is facing a hostile takeover from German pharmaceuticals company Bayer. – “The whole world hates Monsanto!” read the banners among a throng in Paris, marching to the sound of a drum band.

from RT: 

The crowd held up posters condemning the sale of the herbicide RoundUp, which has been accused of causing cancer in humans, and the development of genetically-modified crops.

Environmentalist and leftist politicians, such as former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, marched at the front of the column, but the impetus for the rallies was provided by another group.

The grassroots Nuit Debout has mobilized hundreds of thousands for labor reform protests in recent months, and many of the same demonstrators turned out to barrack the St. Louis-based giant in Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille.

Genetically-modified crops are banned in France, despite the…

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