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Who’s Afraid of Sanders and Trump: Or, the Lies the New York Times Sells


It looks like the economic and political group whose interests the New York Times serves is getting scared that Hillary Clinton, its candidate for US presidency, might not make it without more lies by mainstream media.

As this singling out of them in a recent article by Gregg Easterbrook indicates — “Is American manufacturing in free fall, as Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump assert?” — the people who pay Mr Easterbrrok’s salary and their friends see both Sanders and Trump as a threat to be defused by any means necessary (short of assassination, one hopes).   Hence the continuing attempts to discredit them; and hence, too, the litany of lies Jim Naureckas details in the article linked below.   We highlight his key findings here.

Take some of Easterbrook’s major points:
“Job growth has been strong for five years, with unemployment now below where it was for most of the 1990s, a…

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