Color Revolution Technology Isn’t Just Black And White

Color Revolutions have brought destabilization and destruction to a growing number of victimized states ever since the US unleashed the first modern one against Serbia in 2000. It might come off as antithetical for any multipolar supporter to claim that constructive and applicable lessons can be learned by studying this technology, but as taboo and ‘politically incorrect’ as it may be to say that, the present global strategic situation suggests that it’s actually true and conforms to the forecast that the author made last summer.

by Andrew Korybko, Saker: 

The disciplined and selective utilization of key precepts of Color Revolution planning can be instrumental in catapulting a multipolar cause to the forefront of domestic and even international politics, which is why it’s so advantageous for activists to learn these techniques.

Whether consciously or by coincidence, the Balkans are once more leading the way in spearheading the deployment of a revolutionary…

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