PSA: Extremely Deceptive Recent Survey Shows Clinton Leads in California

The Writing of John Laurits

calipollcrowdedGreetings, my friends! 

This is a quick (but important) Public Service Announcement about all of the recent articles (like this & this) claiming that Clinton leads in California — pay no attention to them! They are all based off of the same survey from an organization called “SurveyUSA.” I’m not going to mince my words — this survey is completely bogus and I will show you why. 

Why the New Survey is a Crappy Survey

Okay, first off: what does the survey say?

SurveyUSA claims that, among 802 people who they believe are “likely to vote in the democratic primary,” 57% say that they will vote for Hillary clinton, compared to only 39% who say they will vote for Bernie Sanders — but wait! Before we all start despairing over this seemingly-insurmountable 18-point lead in the all-important California primary, let’s take a closer look at this so-called survey…


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