Seeds of Fascism are Germinating, Wake up World!

[Editor’s note: Fascism always precedes a build up to any major war. Which is in turn preceded by engineered social unrest and dissent in order to get the fascist government in place. Any excuse will do .

The French nobility, for all their corruption would never have gone on the campaigns that Napoleon did and attempt to take over Russia. They had to be replaced.The Germans for all the bad economy would never have gone on campaigns across Europe and again attempt to take over Russia without Hitler and fascist Germany funded by many American companies like General Motors, DuPont and the Bush crime family syndicate.

In South Africa they used the acrimony between English and Afrikaans speaking people and the racial issue and installed the Dutch social engineer, Hendrik Verwoerd in order to institute a fascist, apartheid, police state. They used the mainly white population in enforced conscription to go…

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