“Kind of a mess” – USA foreign policy or/and Libya


Obama regrets counting on allies too much


USA President Obama (Mr. Nobel PEACE Prize Laureate) perfected several things – one of them is certainly pointing finger and shifting blame for his own mess to other countries and politicians. Another one is inventing irrelevant and artificial “issues” as his Toilets Crusade – President of (apparently exceptional) arguably most powerful country in the world making executive decision who is allowed to go to male or female compartments of public toilets all under cover of “protecting minority rights”. Yeah, sure! I will leave Obama’s “Toilet War” for some other time and concentrate on part of his foreign policies that look more like man-made disasters – Libya. In short, Obama is basically saying that he would do much better in Libya if he did not count on his allies (read – NATO). That alone is already progress as he did not blame usual suspect – Russia. He left blaming Russia for his failure in Syria of course. What would American “strategists” and numerous think-tanks do without Russia (and more and more China) these days? Apply for unemployment benefits maybe. 

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The US should have not relied on other members of its anti-Gaddafi coalition in 2011 to ensure that Libya developed properly afterward, President Barack Obama said in an interview, adding: “Every day I make some mistake.” (and get away with it I would say) 

“In terms of foreign policy, I’ve said this before, we decided to go in as part of a broader coalition, into Libya, to make sure that this guy [Colonel Muammar] Gaddafi, who had been state-sponsoring terrorism, did not go in and start slaughtering his own people,” Obama told PBS NewsHour on Wednesday at the Lerner Theatre in Elkhart, Indiana. “We succeeded and saved tens of thousands of lives, but I did all too much counting on other countries to then stabilize and support the government formation [in Libya] and now it is a kind of a mess.”

For those less informed – USA has perfected unique technique of “saving tens of thousands of lives” by bombing various countries pretty much daily for several decades in different locations of Planet Earth – so far nobody got Nobel Prize for that invention and maybe we should start initiative for that to be corrected. 

“I have to tell you, every day, you know, I make some mistake.  Fortunately, most of them aren’t that big.  Sometimes, you just make, use, your best judgment because you’re working with probabilities.  You don’t know the perfect answer.  If something’s easy, it does not reach my desk,” he said.

I have a question: What is the definition of “big” mistake and how is that measured? What is the number of “collateral damage” that makes mistake “big” and what is acceptable and makes is “small”? Anyone with the answer – please let me know! I suppose that death of some 25,000 people (and still counting) is not big enough to be the “big” mistake. I suppose that is nothing compared to around 10 times more in Syria or 100 times more in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in good old days of “carpet bombing”. 

Libya’s popular uprising began on February 17, 2011, and resulted in the toppling of longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi.  The ensuing civil war and international intervention that followed resulted in the deaths of up to 25,000 people in Libya. Some 400,000 people have been displaced as a result of the intervention, according to UN estimates.

The country de-facto split into three territories, controlled by various tribal groups that are constantly warring with each other, providing Islamic State and other extremist groups with an opportunity to gain a foothold in the oil-rich nation.

Libya is certainly “kind of a mess” but so is USA foreign policy in Libya and in the rest of the world. When is any of the mainstream media going to notice that and state is publicly? Eh, we might be into pretty long wait here. 


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