Stephen Hawking is NOT Interested in American politics

LONDON (AP) — The Associated Press has withdrawn its story aboutStephen Hawking‘s comments on Donald Trump, which were embargoed for 7:01 p.m. EDT (2301 GMT). Hawking also did not make the comments in the ITV morning show that was broadcast Monday — the comments were taped to be shown at a later date.

Imagine my surprise to learn that until two days ago he never said anything about politics! That’s because politics is not his thing. What I did find is that Hawkin’s statements about Trump and the upcoming Brexit vote were lies.

from Jim’s Rant For The Day: Cannons

The other day I saw a soundbite of Hillary saying that Trump “is a loose cannon”. Well, yes, I guess he is. To me a loose cannon is someone that knows something that perhaps should be kept quiet but this individual may have trouble not talking about it. Perhaps this is why Trump is so popular – he dares to speak of the things we are told is unspeakable.

And speaking of cannons, Hillary has called out the big gun himself – Stephen Hawking. I was both surprised and astonished by his new entrance into the political realm. Many years ago I had…

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