If so, possession of such files alone sends a message, namely, that the group knows exactly who is who in the financial pecking orderand that the list they hold shows exactly where, and how, all that bailout money was used, and ultimately, who may really be determining the policies of the fed. But any way one slices it, if the story is true, there’s probably a lot of anxious banksters and family banking dynasty patriarchs not sleeping too soundly these days.

by Joseph P Farrell: 

This very important story was shared by Ms. KM, and it’s so signifiant I simply have to blog about it, especially given the previous weeks’ stories about various banks being hacked. Only this one is far more serious:

“Anonymous” Hacks Federal Reserve; Grabs Stock Ownership files!

Now the title here says it all: the hacking group Anonymous has allegedly hacked not only the FEderal Reserve, but…

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