Egypt Part One-The building blocks of western civilization are to be found in Egypt


by Katherine Frisk

The Nile river was the serpentine Tree river of life and Tree river of knowledge. The Egyptians believed that their purpose was to be an image of the heavens above in order to have peace and prosperity throughout the country down below.

The heavens consisted of the “gods,” the planets, stars and constellations. It was a knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and geometry, and this knowledge was reflected on earth with the Sphinx, Zep Tepi, the first time, when the waters parted from the waters and the mound of earth rose out of the primordial swamps.

Sphinxx_Anubis_800px-2-anubis-800px-2-img_3474-copy-320x243They carved this Zep Tepi in the form of a dog, Anibus, after the Dog Star Sirius. Anibus faced the east, and in August when the star Sirius was the morning star, before the sun rose, the Nile used to flood, bringing with it fertile silt that brought life to the…

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