America – Shaken confidence


Aware that the usual solutions are not enough to return to the rhythm of the land that it used to be, and that without serious changes it will continue to decline, America is getting ready for the presidential duel of two most unpopular candidate in modern history.

The challenges faced by the United States are more than simply electing a new president, but that it is not Donald Trump and is not Hillary Clinton that have sufficient capacity to reform. Millions of voters were
brought to the situation of electing less popular and trusted leader, and most of all – the uncertain future.

America has turned into a land of extremely dissatisfied , polarized , closed in themselves, angry, disappointed and, above all, frightened people.

Barak Obama in almost eight years showed that you do not have to be a white man to lead the greatest power of the world. He has brought hope and announced a new dawn, but the day was not as bright as the
Americans had hoped. It turns out that Obama did not facilitate the interests of millions of Americans on the verge of poverty and tens of millions of those who are lagging behind rich elite , away from the
“American dream”

America is a land of fascinating wealth, but it belongs to a small group among the 325 million people. Public debt reached fantastic nineteen trillion dollars. Since the end of the seventies there was no increase
in real wages of the working and lower middle classes.

When the US banks at the start of the global financial crisis of 2008 began to lose their wealth, taxpayers were forced to help. Trillions of dollars were given as an “economic stimulus “.
“Greedy bankers” – as called by Obama in an unsuccessful attempt to limit their power – continue to share millions in bonuses, while 80 percent of Americans in any way has not felt the effects of the “recovery”

All this shook the confidence of the nation accustomed to good things to happen in the long term. It increased the negative mood that seeks and finds the ways in the election campaign. The candidates,
in their own way, to try to exploit it.

The causes of the spectacular rise of Trump who has stirred the US and the world will be studied long after the election, but it could be concluded that he had found a populist formula to address the
disappointed voters who see political class as alienated and morally corrupt, unprepared to deal with problems of ordinary people.

Such Tramp is the best thing that could have happened to Hillary Clinton. The New York senator has reached the magic number to become the first woman in American history winning the presidential
nomination of one of the two main parties, but much will still have to be done to turn the victory of the party into a national triumph.

First, she has to try to unify the Democratic Party split from exhausting duel with her persistent rival Bernie Sanders. Senator from Vermont is not the best placed to various polling communities,
primarily to African-Americans, which was left to Clinton, but he is most close to the nerve of those seeking change.

Popularity of his antiestablišment messages and requests for “fundamental reforms” have made part
of the Democratic Party swing to the left, certainly out of the political discourse Clinton.

Top Democrats hope to achieve before the party convention in late July that Sanders at least 10 million supporters stay united in the front against Trump and take disciplined line as soldiers of the
party – which is not easily achievable, bearing in mind that Sanders created a powerful movement that greatly operates outside the party structures.

It is certain that Clinton will need the help of “democratic socialists” to take over the Sanders enthusiastic
supporters, especially young people. To get it, she will have to be prepared to make concessions around
issues such as minimum wage, health care for all, social security, infrastructure reconstruction, but also
the role of money in politics.

Will the darling of Wall Street have the strength to accept part of what was talked about by “Marxist” Sanders?

Clinton would be mistaken if she thinks that the threat of Trump is enough to attract Sanders supporters. She will have to offer changes in the next five months to win dissatisfied Americans expecting
deeper changes than those for which Clinton ever advocated so far. Can she afford them when it is obvious that she has positioned herself at the center of the established order?

If Clinton succeed in spite the fact that she is almost as unpopular and Tramp, waiting for her will be the biggest challenge of all: that as President of the United States bring together a country that has
never been so outraged with Washington establishment, of which she is one of the symbols.

Otherwise, America will return to their battles of the past: around race, taxes, interventionism and isolationism , “American exceptionalism ” – everything that blocks a new agenda for the future.
And creates uncertainty and fear.


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