America, the Runaway Train

Since the Vietnam War and the widespread civil revolt that brought down a president and ended a war, there has been but a short-lived “anti-Wall Street” movement, quickly brought down by the state and dwindling protests against the daily police murders of people of color. Past that, all civil demonstrations in America either support war, call for more oppression or are orchestrated by “elites” and stacked with FBI informants and agent provocateurs. Everyone else is either complacent, bought off or afraid.

by Gordon Duff, NEO: 

423423432432Nearly half a century ago I demonstrated to stop the Vietnam War. At the time I was attending Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. On every public occasion, and they have so many in America, holidays of every kind, we would get together, meet in a small park near the state capitol building. By “we” I mean Vietnam veterans, not all of us but most, literally…

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