Saudi Arabia and Yemenite tragedy

However, the conflict, which was aimed at causing a clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran, drifted out of control by late 2016, and started to threaten the Saudi regime – the major ally of the USA in the Middle East. But Washington had no plans regarding this. The USA, like other Anglo-Saxons, used this regional war to implement a classic scheme – divide and rule – and to sell new multibillion weapons consignment to its satellites, rather than undermine positions of the allied ruling Saudi family. Such a threat occurred. They had to attract all the powers of human rights advocacy organization and the UNO to return the Saudis to a more positive approach in Yemen affairs

by Pogos Anastasov, NEO

435345345345A global scandal is unfolding around Saudi Arabia and the coalition that it created in 2015 to fight against Houthis rebels. On June 3, the United Nations Secretary…

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