Russia and Kazakhstan Offer Crisis-Stricken EU Highway Out of TTIP Misery

“I think it’s a good answer to what the US is up to, concealing its economic expansion with political or pseudo-democratic goals.” “We see, and China sees, that they are trying to isolate us. To some they try to do it faster – through sanctions, using pseudo-arguments in the case of Ukraine. With others they are slower, like China, who they didn’t invite to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Now we have seen that, and we have to unite,” Kalashnikov said.

from Sputnik:

Commenting on Friday’s proposal by the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Russia for a Eurasian economic partnership, Russian analysts told the Vzglyad newspaper the union would be an effective counter to US economic expansionism, and help the EU to overcome its crises.

The vision outlined by the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Russia of a Eurasian economic partnership stretching from the Far East to Europe could breathe new life…

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