MH17 Inquiry: “About what was the BBC quiet?”


The 3rd episode in the ongoing investigation by the group known as “MH17 Inquiry.”

This episode presents a curious puzzle that might remind astute readers of some similar ongoing oddities surrounding the BBC’s Saving Syria’s Children documentary. The BBC features here also. The program in question on this occasion being Conspiracy Files: Who Shot Down MH17?

This episode features the story of Sergey Sokolov, former employee of oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who claims to possess a dossier of materials that help to incriminate the Ukrainian government and armed forces in the shooting down of MH17. A dossier he gave in full to the BBC when they came to interview him for the making of the above-mentioned documentary.

We need to emphasise at this point that the validity of this alleged evidence is not vouched for by the film-makers, nor by us and indeed that isn’t the point of the film. Sokolov…

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