NOMINATION – Give Putin the Pulitzer Prize!


Commenting on the Democratic National Convention’s claim that Russian intelligence was behind the leak of emails proving that the party deliberately sabotaged Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy, commentator Pat Buchanan glibly noted that if the allegations are true, it’s time President Vladimir Putin be considered for a Pulitzer Prize.

The leak, dubbed Emailgate 2.0, demonstrated the DNC’s extreme bias in Clinton’s favor, from an implied agreement to funnel money into Clinton’s campaign while the primary was still going on, up to bigoted and openly anti-Semitic recommendations for Clinton’s campaign based on Sanders’ Jewish heritage and lack of faith in God.

In the fallout of the scandal, which has already forced Wasserman Shultz to resign, the Clinton campaign has chosen a campaign strategy ofshooting the messenger, accusing Russian intelligence, the Russian government and Vladimir Putin personally of being behind the DNC emails hack. The motive, apparently, is Putin’s desire to see businessman Donald Trump elected president.

“For a year, 74-year-old socialist Bernie Sanders has been saying that, under DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the party has been undercutting his campaign and hauling water for Hillary Clinton. From the 19,200 emails dumped the weekend before Clinton’s coronation, it appears the old boy is not barking mad. The deck was stacked; the referees were in the tank; the game was rigged.”

By Monday, Clinton campaign chief Robert Mook told ABC that experts were saying “that Russian state actors broke in to the DNC, took all these emails, and now they are leaking them out through the websites…some experts are now telling us that this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump.”

“In 1971, the New York Times published secret documents from the Kennedy-Johnson administration on how America got involved in Vietnam. Goal: discredit the war the Times had once supported, and undercut the war effort, now that Richard Nixon was president. The documents, many marked secret, had been illicitly taken from Defense Department files, copied, and published by the Times.”

“America’s newspaper of record defended its actions by invoking ‘the people’s right to know’ the secrets of their government.” Moreover, eventually, “for publishing stolen Defense Department secrets, the Pentagon Papers, the Times got a Pulitzer Prize.”

Accordingly, Buchanan sardonically asked, “do not the people have ‘a right to know’ of sordid schemes of DNC operatives to sink a presidential campaign? Do the people not have a right to know that, in denying Sanders’ charges, the leadership of the DNC was lying to him, lying to the party, and lying to the country?”

As far as the supposed ‘Russian trace’ is concerned, the commentator noted, jokingly, that “if the Russians were helpful in bringing to the attention of the American people the anti-democratic business being done at the DNC, perhaps the Russians deserve similar recognition. By the Times’ standard of 1971, maybe Putin deserves a Pulitzer.”

Turning serious, Buchanan emphasized that “undeniably, if the Russians or any foreign actors are interfering in US presidential elections, we out to know it, and stop it. But who started all this? Since the end of the Cold War, the US has used cyber warfare to sabotage centrifuges in the Iranian nuclear plant in Natanz. We have backed ‘color-coded’ revolutions in half-a-dozen countries from Serbia to Ukraine to Georgia – to dump rulers and regimes we do not like, all in the name of democracy.”

“Unsurprisingly, today, Russia, China, Egypt and even Israel are shutting down or booting out NGOs associated with the United States, and hacking into websites of US institutions. We were the first ‘experts’ to play this game. Now others know how to play it. We reap what we sow,” the analyst concluded.

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