War on Two Fronts: Twin assaults on democracy bridge the Atlantic


by Kit


From the out-set Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders were destined to be compared, though they are very different men, the establishment response to their rise in popularity has been virtually identical. To compare and contrast the twin campaigns is to look at two sides of the same coin.

Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders share superficial similarities – they are older white gentlemen, of unpolished appearance. Career politicians seen to come from the extreme left of their respective parties. They seem to share broadly similar values regarding social security, income inequality, taxing the wealthy and equal rights.

That’s really where the similarities end.

Though described as a “socialist” in America, Sanders’ policies would make him a much more a centrist in Britain. Corbyn is for nationalising industry sectors and abolishing nuclear weapons, policies more likely to get you into an asylum than the Senate in America. While both men…

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