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Turkish Coup – Another failed Regime Change – Bringing Russia and Turkey closer


The increasingly warm relationship between Russia and Turkey has become a priority for Ankara following the unsuccessful attempt to forcefully remove President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from power, Istanbul-based freelance reporter Dorian Jones wrote for EurasiaNet.

ndeed, both countries are on course to normalize ties that were severely damaged after a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber over Syria on November 24, 2015. So much so that Erdogan is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 9.

“The meeting comes at an opportune time for Putin. Turkey is a key geopolitical player in the Black Sea region. But its Western orientation is now coming under stress,” Jones observed.

The journalist further explained that “Ankara’s ties with nearly all of its western allies are now strained amid suspicions of complicity in the unsuccessful July 15 putsch and growing criticism by both the United States and European Union over Erdogan’s escalating crackdown in the coup-attempt aftermath.”

Russia’s response to the events that transpired on July 15 in Turkey was markedly different from how Ankara’s NATO allies reacted to the attempted takeover. For instance, the United States issued a statement in support of Turkey’s democratically elected authorities when the outcome of the coup was already evident.

In this context, the upcoming meetingbetween Putin and Erdogan should not be brushed off as a formality.

“Putin has given his support to Erdogan. There are unconfirmed reports Russia was the first one to warn the Turks about the possible coup,” international relations expert Soli Özel of Istanbul’s Kadir Has University told Jones. “The fact that this will be the first major [post-coup] meeting by President Erdogan with any world leader makes it … significant.”



July 31, 2016                                                       


Erdogan Owes a Debt to Putin, Who Prevented U.S.-Led Coup

The Turkish coup was originally planned for August, when the Greek Government was ‘scheduled’ to enter a crisis and be itself couped. This way, the entire Balkan would have entered a critical phase, with an end result of installing puppet Governments subservient to the U.S. and a new iron curtain between U.S. controlled Europe and Russia.

There isn’t a country that didn’t know a coup was underway in Turkey (apparently with the exception of the Turks who were wondering why were there tanks on the Bosphorus bridge). The specific coup-date kept being moved and wasn’t known, however CNN’s Christiana Amanpour helped everyone narrow it down when she set up base in Ankara and Istanbul just two days before the coup.

The Pentagon has a special relationship with CNN, and typically lets them know when the U.S. is coup-ing a nation, so they can set up camp and report live. CNN’s Amanpour has managed to get herself banned from several countries; with good reason – when she shows up in a country, something terrible happens to that country. Turkey was no exception.

Russia, Iran, Syria…. were all aware of a U.S. led coup in Turkey. For this purpose, Moscow sent one of Putin’s advisors to travel to Ankara. The trip was top secret, no one in Tehran, Damascus or even in Moscow was aware of it, only few select in Putin’s inner circle.

Aleksandar Dugin was the man that was sent to Ankara to warn the Turkish leadership, but also to give them a massive list of people involved in the coup.

Coup Begun a month earlier after some of the plotters were discovered

The Turkish government secretly asked its Courts to issue order for the arrest of 2,000 army, navy and air force officials after it became evident something was brewing. The Courts refused, on top of it, some of the judges involved in the Coup tipped off high ranking generals that the Government was suspicious and hot on their trail.

As a result, not fully prepapred for a coup, the coup was started anyways.

Pilots who downed Su24 involved in coup.

For months Moscow tracked the data and voice conversations of the Turkish pilots responsible for the downing of the Russian Su24 jet. It discovered the two pilots are American implants and were used to shoot down a Russian jet in order to put a major wedge in the otherwsie cozy relationship between Ankara and Moscow. The U.S. used the proven British tactic of “divide and conquer”. There were at least several dozen Turkish officers who were American implants at the Incirlik AirBase, the Air Force and the Army as well. All were arrested.

To avoid any sort of suspicion or attract attention, Putin’s advisor took an unusual road trip which took Dugin from Moscow to Astana, then to Tehran, Damascus, Nicosia and finally arriving to Ankara where he met with one of Erdogan’s most trusted man, the mayor Melih Gokcek.

It’s old school KGB, face-to-face meetings work quite well. The Russians have gathered so much data in the past several months, that they knew precisely when, who and how the coup will start.

Initially, Erdogan’s inner team were not told of Dugin’s arrival in Turkey.

In the interest of better Russo-Turkish relationship and mutual trust, Erdogan was now officially warned. The warning was also psychological because it came “just in time”, and was meant to show Erdogan and Turkey who their real friends are.

Hence the face to face meeting. Putin didn’t have to do what he did, could have warned them 10 minutes before the coup, or don’t warn them at all and simply let everything unfold the way the Americans envisioned.

Turkish Fighter Jets had Erdogan’s plane in sight, but… 

After waiting for full 24 hrs not saying absolutely anything, the Pentagon and CIA controlled media in the U.S. went full throttle with propaganda when it became obvious their coup had failed. We saw hastily prepapred writeups how allegedly Erdogan has simply staged the coup to grab ‘more power’, adding his presidential plane was in sights of few Turkish F16 yet no one took a shot? First and foremost, the planes that were sent after Erdogan took off from Incirlik Airbase, which is very much controlled by the U.S.-NATO. Second, at no point did the U.S. make an effort to warn the Turkish Government about the coup, yet it has fighter jets taking off from Incirlik, going after Erdogan!

Indeed, Erdogan’s plane was followed by several Turkish planes with an intention to shoot him down. Fettulah Gulen in Pennsylvania, a long time CIA asset was getting ready himself to be installed as the new president.

What the ‘media’ are not telling you is that 7 Russian fighter jets and two S400 rocket systems in Northern Syria were tracking down the Turkish jets issuing them a warning if the Russian radar systems picked up any activity from them they would be promptly shot down. This is why the Turkish jets never fired, they had ‘company’. 

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  1. Reblogged this on THE DUTCH RESET and commented:
    Erdogan said the coup was “a gift from heaven”.
    He was right by proxy…., every move to get rid of the jesuit-controlled military power of Corporate D.C. will bring closer a safe world.
    Every move to disintegrate the united states of Turtle Island and the wiping off of the face of the earth of Rome on the Potomac is bringing us peace and prosperity.
    Putin made his move. His ultimate move must be the closure of the Rothschild-controlled Russian Central Bank and start Russia’s own sovereign bank, Rothschild being the mere bookkeepers of the Vatican.


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